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Surface Mount Technology
Phillips Gem Line Topaz and Emerald
Samsung CP-11 2 Head Chip Shooter
Chip Pick & Place System
SMT Systems Reflow oven with Ionizer, (2) Stencil Printers, (1) Hand Placement Station and (1) Pace SMT Rework Station
VIP 70 BTU Oven
Kic 2000 Thermal Profiling Equipment

Automated Through Hole Component Insertion
Dynapert Sixty Station Sequencer with Verifier
(2) Dynapert Axial Lead Auto Inserter 18” Rotary Table with Optical Correct
Dynapert Dip Auto Inserter 18” Rotary Table with Optical Correct
(14) ESD hand assembly stuffing stations
Dynapert USMB Sequencer
Dynapert DIP-G Dip Inserter
Dynapert VCD-F Axial Lead Inserter

Wave Solder Technology
Air-Vac Solder Fountain Model PCBRM-10
Novastar 13FD Wave Solder Machine
Elecrov Ultraclean II
Seho MUS 8200-F Lead Free Solder Machine

Component Preparation - Hand Solder and Touch-up
(27) ESD Work Stations with facility wide Air-Vac Solder Removal System
(1) ESD Dust Free Clean Station
(4) ESD Mechanical Work Stations
Amp Model G Terminating Machine
Numerous Radial, Axial, & I.C. Lead Trimmers and Formers

Cable Assembly
(2) Packard Model 3K-7-150 Crimp Presses
(1) Burndy Model UTM-2R Pin & Socket Crimp Press
Numerous Wire Strippers, Crimpers and other Devices including Carpenter,
StaKon, Panduit, Burndy & Deutsch brand equipment
Schleuniger Power Strip 9500 Automated Cut & Strip
Carpenter Model 32 Ribbon Cable Wire Cutter

Mass Lead Trimming
KA-66 13” Conveyor Mass Lead Cutter
(2) Microscan LT1821 Lead Trimmers
(1) Roto-Form Lead Trimmer
(2) Q Corp Model 450 Deburrer

Test/Quality Control
(1) Checksum TR4/TR6 Bed of Nails Tester with Functionality Capabilities
Test Bench with Numerous Power Supplies, Function Generators, Scopes & Meters including Tektronics, Fluke& J.D.R. equipment
(2) Mantis Vision Microscope
(2) Coweco Model GTH-ME Coil Winders

Screen Printer
Dek 248 Pasting Machine

Hand Component Placement


Seho MWS 8200-F Wave Soldering Machine
For Lead Free Soldering
Novastar 13FD Wave Solder Machine
Electrovert Ultraclean II
Circuit Board Cleaner
Samsung 8400 2 Head Surface Machine
Dek 248 Screen Printer / Pasting Machine
Topaz 8 Head Chipshooter
Emerald Fine Pitch Placement Machine
70 VIP BTU RE-Flow Oven
Dynapert DIP-G
Integrated Circuit (IC) Inserter

Dynaper USMB Sequenser
60 Station Axiel Lead Programmer

Dyanpert VCD-F Axial Lead Inserter